Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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chronic inflammatory disease of the airways

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Asthma is an Inflammatory disease of the airways the main symptom is shortness of breath as a result of bronchial stenosis and even blockage of air. Other symptoms of asthma are wheezing sound produced during breathing; A sense of constriction in the chest as a result of the shortness in breath; dry cough or cough with sputum. The main causes of asthma attacks are: Pollen, house mites, mold spores, Animal secretions, and anxiety or stress. Other factors such as physical exertion in cold weather, pollution and exposure to cigarette smoke and certain foods can cause asthma attacks or make them more severe.
 About 10 percent of the total population of children and adults in Israel suffers from asthma. Patients can prevent or reduce the severity of the disease by avoiding those triggers. They have to stop smoking and stay away from smokers; Avoid from activities that compels an exposure to dust or contact with Allergens;
It is very recommended to remove the carpeting from the house and wrap the mattress with a cover that prevents the transfer of dust to the patient. Maintain a constant humidity of 40 percent in all over the house to prevent the development of mold; Avoid being outdoors during the flowering season. Ask from his family members to brush the cats and dogs outside. The pets should not be allowed to sleep in the room of the patient. Vacuuming and cleaning with a damp cloth will reduce the dust at his house. It is also better to avoid foods or food additives that are known as triggers of asthma attacks. 
In the herbal medicine there are some plants that can help asthma patients.
Leafless Ephedra, Desert Marjoram