Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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In most cases, constipation occurs due to eating, Low-Fiber Foods or not drinking enough water. People who suppress and ignore the need to excrete can also suffer from constipation. More triggers of constipation are: Pain medications or anti-acid medications, rectal pain, loss of mobility and a tumor in the colon.

Chronic constipation is quite a common problem of the Western society. The constipation Drugs are the most popular medicines in the global pharmaceutical market.

Fiber plants or plants that contain mucous, absorb water and swell in the digestive tract, that process helps to ease and speed up the Bowel movement.

The fibers can be found in whole grains, fruits peel and vegetables peels. The fibers enter into the large intestine undigested and there they go through partial decomposition by the colon bacteria and helps the excrement to move out.

The mucous components in plants have the capacity to absorb water and swell and they do not decompose easily in the colon. The mucous plants are rare in our daily diet, but we can find them in some seeds or in parts of some plants. Their water absorption and swelling qualities increases stool weight and helps the Bowel movement.

hairy flax, ovate plantain, desert gourd