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high blood sugar levels

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 Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin resulting from impaired insulin production in the pancreas. Or because a lack of tissues response to the insulin hormone, which causes that only a small amount of glucose is used by the tissue, and the remaining excess stays in the  blood. The result is that the quantity of glucose in the blood rises to abnormal levels. High blood sugar is the cause to most damages that are typical to diabetes.
 There are two main types of diabetes:
Juvenile Diabetes - Type 1 – mostly appears at very young ages or until the age of 40. Diabetes type 1 is caused by the destruction of pancreas cells that responsible for insulin production. To this day we are not sure what causes damage to the pancreas cells, but it is considered as a combination of genetic factor and an environmental factor - probably some kind of virus. Insulin injections with pen or pump are the necessary treatment, in type 1 diabetes, and the patient cannot give up on this treatment.
Adult Diabetes - Type 2 usually appears in people aged 40 and older. The disease is caused due to lack of tissues response to insulin, because an insulin resistance development of the body. 
In many cases the patient can have diabetes for years without knowing and with no symptoms at all, it emerges due to randomly routine blood test. The classic symptoms of diabetes are thirst that causes constantly need to drink and to urinate. In diabetes type 1, there is a significant weight loss, while in type 2 diabetes  the patient tends to suffer from overweight. However, in patients with type 2, lifestyle modification may return the blood sugar normal values. 'Diet and exercise' should be a mantra, to people who has the type 2 diabetes and it can prevent the disease to progress. 
Insulin resistance also develops as a result of increasing in fat tissue. Exercise burns fat and helps to lose weight, muscles in motion consume more glucose than muscles at rest and the exercise helps blood sugar to drop. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits and low in fats and sugars, also helps to balance the blood sugar levels, and may prevent the progression of the disease.  Type 2 diabetes is more common, in the recent years. mainly due to modern lifestyles, characterized by passive activities at work, such as sitting in front of a computer, lack of mobility and obesity due to foods rich in fats and sugars. 
The risk of having long time diabetes is that it can damage the cardiovascular, nervous system, eyes, kidneys and feet.  Here are the folk medicine plants that can help to create a significant reduction in blood sugar levels.
Silvery orache, Spider flower. Burnet, Cypress, Olive, White horehound, Lupine