Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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Common name:

Sleeping disorder

Synonym name:

Hebrew name:

נדודי שינה

Scientific name:


Arabic name:

Sleeping is absolutely an essential process to maintain the health of the body and mind.
One of ten people over the world suffers from chronic insomnia. The main causes for it are diseases such as depression, thyroid imbalances, decrease in blood sugar, pain, coughing, itching, and problems like anxiety, environmental disturbances such as noise and pollution, change in place, apnea during sleep and nervous. 
There are also foods and pharmaceutical compounds that can indirectly cause insomnia, like: Stimulants, preparations Tiroaidiim, the use of various drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate and cigarettes.
It is Better to stay awake at night and being tired over the day than to become dependent on sleeping pills. The reason is that the brain gets used to the chemical components and develops stamina for it, after a while there is a need to increase the quantity of the pills, in order to make the desired change.. This is just like addiction process. And after a period of taking sleeping pills it is not simple to be rehabilitated from it and it can be accompanied with many throes. 
Here are some helpful tips for those who suffer from insomnia: 
If we concern that we'll not fall asleep, it may be a key factor in insomnia, it is important to go to bed tired and relaxed and not to be worried about falling asleep. 
Physical or mental Strain before bedtime may interfere our sleep. If we must do an obsessive activity the next day, and thinking of it keeps us awake, it is very recommended to write it down on a paper and put it on the table that " it won't go to sleep". 
Pleasurable Sex before falling asleep release endorphins and give a feeling of bliss. Most people fall asleep easily afterwards, Sometimes even too quickly and without blessing each other "good night". 
delightful walk at night with a friend, a dog or alone calms and clears the head. 
It is recommended to eat light meals before sleeping, or not at all. Do not increase in drinking so the bladder won't be disturbing at night. 
Try to breathe soothing breathes in slowly rhythm or listen yo a quiet music, read a book or do a little self-massage. All of these procedures help to calm the mind and allow us to fall asleep peacefully and calmly. The way that helps me the best is to read a book before falling asleep.  
In the folk medicine I have found plants that are recommended for treating insomnia. They help us sooth the mind, depress the nervous system and, in large doses, have a hypnoticquality.