Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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Aloe vera
Common name:

Aloe vera

Synonym name:

Hebrew name:

אלווי אמיתי

Scientific name:

Aloe vera



Arabic name:


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0.5-1 m
Flowering color:
Flowering period:
Growing areas:
Real aloe is grown in house gardens and cultural gardens.
Aloe vera is a Perennial succulent plant from the Xanthorrhoeaceae family. There are many varieties of Aloe vera in cultural gardens, but for inner use, the recommended species is called real aloe and it has very fleshy leaves yellow flowers.
Aloe Vera is used in folk medicine as a treatment for external wounds, burns, sunburn, fungal infections, dry skin and bites. The Aloe Vera gel is very good for treating ulcer problems and stomach disease.
For treating ulcer:
Pick a fleshy leaf of aloe vera, cut it lengthwise and take out the inside gelatin tissue, mix it with Licorice syrup. The Licorice improves the bitter taste and helps the healing process of the ulcer. Drink a spoonful a day.
Socrates promised success and prosperity to those who'll grow Aloe in their garden. Therefore Alexander the Great had populate the island Sokatra with Greek people who grew Aloe.
Maimonides points out that the plant cleanses the body. He recommended it for oldsters, because "it softens the stomach without any damage".