Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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Common name:


Synonym name:

Hebrew name:


Scientific name:

Citrus limon


Rutaceae or citrus

Arabic name:

לימון חאמד ليمون

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5 - 6 m
Flowering color:
Flowering period:
Growing areas:
Citrus groves, orchards and gardens all over the country


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The lemon is a small thorny citrus tree. The Leaves - oviform or oblong with dentate margins and Bright green color. The Lemon bear fruits nearly all the year, the shape of the fruit are ovoid and their color is yellow. The flowers flourish individually or editin groups, their color range from white to pink and purple.
The origin of the tree is speculated to be in north of Burma, afterwards it spreadinto India and Persia.
When it had Insert to Southern Europe it was thought as a kind of citron and was called in a general name Citrus. a name that was given without a distinction between lemon , citron and orange .
in the jewish folk medicine the Yemenite Jews used to rub lemon mixture and Arak, to heel flu; Moroccan Jews used to drink lemon juice on an empty stomach to treat dysentery and throat infections; Iraqi Jews used lemon to treat nausea, vomiting, sore tongue, dizziness and fever.
Cut a lemon into thin slices. Place the slices on the forehead and temples and wrap around a patch, in order to keep it attached to the head, for one hour.
The lemon known as containing vitamin C, because of that it is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach before breakfast. Drinking lemon juice is beneficial for throat infections, respiratory colds and flu, It also facilitates digestive disorders, nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and good against the intoxicating effect of wine.
Citrus fruits, except citron, were common in israel already at the beginning of the first century AD. their expansion was mostly in communities on the coastal area : Jaffa , Caesarea, Acre . We found, in the Jewish book of doctoribenjameya, the physician of the Sultan Salah al - Din ( 1193-1171 ), that the lemon peel  is appetizing , recovers the digestion and perfuming the breath .
As an addition to the dish, in constipation problems, Maimonides advised to Use lemon.