Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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Common name:


Synonym name:

Hebrew name:

בצל הגינה

Scientific name:

Allium cepa


Amaryllidaceae - שומיים

Arabic name:

بصل בצ'ל

perennial plant
0.60 - 120 m
Flowering color:
Flowering period:
Growing areas:
Vegetable gardens throughout the country.
Onion is a perennial plant but is usually grown as an annual plant. Its  origin is from West Asia and it is one of the oldest cultural plants .
Its leaves are cylindrical and covered with a layer of wax . Flowering occurs only in the second year of its growth. its inflorescence shape is spherical with plenty of flowers in white and green color .
The onion is the sub - grounded stem and leaves of the plant and it provides nutrition for the development of the flowering stalk.
In common folk medicine we use onion to treat wounds and bruises, and as known cure for headaches and hemorrhoids.
How to use
Onion oil:  cut the onion and strain its juice, and blend it with olive oil. You can also cut onions into pieces, fry it lightly with olive oil, cool it, strain it and store the oil in a closed jar. 
Ear infections: drip 1-2 drops of oil into the ear.
1. You can sprinkle a drop or two of onion juice directly into the ear .
2. You can heat the oil: we hold a spoon with onion oil over the stove, heat for a little while and drip 2-3 drops per ear .
Bruises and wounds: Crush onions and place them as a poultice on wounds and bruises.
For headaches : Place onion slices on a bandage and dress it on the forehead or head.
Since ancient times the onion was an important food plant and was used in rituals, medicines and also in mummification. 
In Israel the onion is known since Biblical times . He was one of five vegetables that the Bnei - Israel ate in Egypt, and felt its absence in the Sinai deser : "We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlick"( the book of numbers 11,5). 
In the literature of the Mishna and the Talmud sages there is a lot of information about the upbringing of onion and its use for food and medicine. Maimonides notes that bandages of onion mixed with honey are a good treatment for dog bites.