Herbs of the Holyland by Nissim Krispil

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Common name:


Synonym name:

common thyme

Hebrew name:

בת קורנית

Scientific name:

Thymus vulgaris



Arabic name:

זעתר עג'נבי

0.3 m
Flowering color:
Flowering period:
Growing areas:
In Israel the thyme is grown in gardens and herbal farms.
Thyme is an endemic plant of South Europe; there it is grown in calcareous rocks. In the folk medicine it is mostly used for treatment of respiratory diseases, prevention of gases in the stomach, intestinal parasites and against fungi. The essential oil of thyme contains phenols from the kind Thymol and carvacrol. Those phenols make the thyme a very antiseptic plant.
For Respiratory disease: 
Thyme brew:  dip a full teaspoon of thyme leaves in a cup of boiling water, sweeten with honey, wait for 5 minutes and drink. 
Steams: dip 50 g of  thyme seeds in a liter of boiling water. When the steams rise from the pot cover your head with a towel, bent over the pot and breath in the steams. 
The Sources of the name thyme is in the Greek word 'Thyo' wich means perfume. 
The word Thymus means in Greek: bravery and courage. And Indeed Roman soldiers used to do bathe with thyme leaves in order to feel brave. The famous ancient doctor Assaf Ben Brachiahu (asaf the doctor) advises to use thymus when we suffer from intestinal parasites coughs respiratory disorders and snakes bite.
 As a spice the Thyme is a very useful for foods like pizza and chips, soups, pies or and sauces and even in salads.